Academy of Inner Science

The Academy of Inner Science (AIS), which was founded by Thomas Hübl in 2008, is dedicated to contemporary mysticism, through which one’s own life, society and culture can be actively and consciously shaped.  It offers a platform for training, workshops, study groups, such as the Inner Science Circles, and not for-profit-events.
The aim of the Academy is to connect the wisdom of the inner world with science in the outer world.

Thomas Hübl CLF 2012"In our society, spiritual know-how and intelligence are not part of the central discourse at the moment.  They are classified as non-scientific by science, and are considered esoteric. And so a power which could make a great contribution to the development of our communal lives doesn’t get a chance." (Thomas Hübl).

The Academy offers training in spiritual practice, seminars and participation in the Inner Science Circles.
The central event is the three-year Timeless Wisdom Training.  Core areas are meditation and the fostering of interpersonal clarity through Transparent Communication.

Coregroup May 2012 Seventy participants completed the first course in the summer of 2011.  A further 82 are currently in the second intake, and the third course got underway in the autumn of 2012 with 120 participants.
People who have assisted Thomas Hübl in his seminars for several years are now running seminars in Transparent Communication themselves.  Some graduates of the three-year program have combined what they have learned with their professional knowledge to form new skills and are now passing these on.

The Inner Science Circles are the link to the different sectors of society and the academic arena. Here, economists, people from the health sector, the artistic professions, and the education and training sectors all come together.
They share their experiences and take what they learn at the Academy across into their own field of work. Together, they are looking to see how their work changes when they take interpersonal clarity and an awareness of collective action into consideration.

Research projects are being initiated in conjunction with university institutions. Out of this are emerging new approaches to thinking and acting which address the burning questions of our time.  Intuition and access to knowledge from a space of not-knowing are important elements of this approach.


2012 CLF Economy CircleThroughout the world, people are feeling the need to develop on an inner level.  A global revolution of consciousness is already taking place within an international network of movements and institutions.  It is a challenge that cannot adequately be met using the old ways.  This process is bringing about changes in relationships and work, our dealings with money and resources, and our sense of responsibility for our fellow human beings and for nature.

What would a world be like in which spirituality was embraced by society as a science again?
How would the way we work with others evolve if we developed our spiritual capabilities right from an early age?

Thomas Hübl an der Uni Aachen 2011Thomas Hübl's Vision is the creation of a way of learning where mysticism, interpersonal clarity and specialist subject knowledge are all taken into equal consideration. The three-year Timeless Wisdom Training covers Mysticism and Transparent Communication, and can be incorporated into further subject-specific studies.

Skills such as interpersonal relations and communication are subjects that are rarely taught in today’s universities. Even the training for those professions where people are in a position of trust is largely geared towards factual knowledge. This is particularly true in the case of medicine and other health professions, as well in teaching and many other professions in the education and training sector.
Synchronized Humanity Tour Berlin New research shows that a mutual connection facilitates healing. When relations are good between teachers and students, surprising transformations can occur, just as with doctors and patients. A sound relationship, the ability to accept and be accepted, is the basis for the healing and learning process.

"A good teacher is nothing more than an advocate for the potential of the person sitting opposite them." (Thomas Hübl)

For all those working in the health sector, it is essential to be able to recognize just where on the spectrum of the Physical and the Spiritual a person’s 'illness' is located.

Sharing CLF 2012They must also understand how to initiate and guide them through the healing process effectively.

In the current system, it is left to the individual students or workers to judge for themselves whether they already have these skills, and to take the decision to develop them further on their own initiative, and moreover, by funding this themselves.

It is not uncommon for someone to graduate in medicine or teaching only to discover, when they start to practice, that they are lacking in the fundamentals when it comes to interpersonal relations.
Synchronized Humanity Tour BerlinThe vision of the Academy is to incorporate these skills into the study pathways of universities.  At first, this would take place in parallel to what is already being taught.

Further down the line we would propose that spiritual know-how and specialist subject knowledge become increasingly interwoven.

Our first joint projects with universities are already underway.

In the future, this could automatically be a fundamental part of all education.
Spiritual know-how will become a core value in society, and will form an integral part of what we consider to be worthwhile and important.

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